Saturday, July 01, 2006

Linda From Los Angeles. Mystics GM Linda Hargrove was once again kind enough to share some thoughts and insights with the BasketCases about the team and about tonight's game against the Sparks:

BC: Mystics fans are wondering what's the latest on our "walking wounded" (Tot and Dee.) Is there any information you can share?

LH: "DeLisha is making great progress, working hard and doing everything possible to get back ahead of schedule. She will be evaluated again at 3 weeks and see what the Doc thinks at that time. Tot should be good to go tonight."

BC:In the last couple of games (losses), it seemed like the team had fewer assisted baskets than in some of the previous contests. Is this an accurate observation, and if so, is this anything to be concerned about?

LH: "I would agree that we haven't passed the ball as effectively the past few games. Part of the reason is that Nikki T has looked for her shot a little more that she did previously and I don't think we have been in much of a transition game lately and I think our assists go up when we get out and run. The next 2 opponents, LA and Phoenix, both like to run so we will probably get out and run more."

BC: What are the keys to slowing down a tall high-powered team like the Sparks in their home arena?

LH: "Leslie is always where you start when trying to slow LA down. She is having a great season and will be a really tough match up for us but we will need to take it at her and try to get her in foul trouble. Mabika has been very inconsistent and she was just OK last night against Phoenix so I hope she doesn't have one of those great games tonight. "

BC: Of course our Latvian readers would like to know what you thought of Zane's WNBA debut?

LH: "I was thrilled for Zane. She played with composure and gave us very positive minutes. She will be a player that will work hard and continue to get stronger. I was just really happy that she was able to help us and I know she was so excited that Richie believed enough in her to put her in the game."

As always, the BasketCases are very grateful to Linda for being such a fan-oriented GM and for taking the time to answer these questions.

* * * * * *
Tonight's game in L.A. is at 10:30pm and is being shown on NBA-TV. If you are like the BasketCases and this game is well past your bedtime, we advise a nap.


At 1:04 AM, Anonymous MSTX Rule said...

Oh! What a great and well-played game and a heart-breaking (even if not unexpected) loss! But - our team showed tenacity and spirit even with Alana out.

Now, Alana, get better soon!!!!!!

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