Tuesday, July 03, 2007

House for Sale. For the 7th time in 9 home games, the Mystics failed to defend their home court, losing tonight to the Becky-Hammon-less Silver Stars, 84-79. And, quite frankly, it's being charitable to say that D.C. really "defended" at home against Detroit last week, given that the Mystics were down 16 at the half and won by a single point in a virtually miraculous, albeit exciting, last quarter. Mystics fans really have only seen a single home game thus far -- the win over Phoenix -- where we could feel that the team really owned its own court.

Tonight, the Mystics gave San Antonio a lot of open looks and easy layups. And when the home team allows an opponent to score in the 80s, that's usually bad news for the home team, and it sure was tonight.

When WNBA teams play on the road, they look ahead at their schedule and try to figure out which is the game they can "steal." No doubt for the entire WNBA, playing the Mystics at the Verizon Center right now has become the game road teams believe they can "steal." And thus far this season, nearly 80% of the time, they've been right.

With tonight's game, the Mystics have completed half their season, compiling a disappointing record of 5-12. Worse, Mystics fans haven't been seeing good basketball at home. It's not just that we're seeing so many losses, it's also that we aren't seeing a whole team play 4 quarters of basketball.

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The BasketCases do want to give a shout out to Alana Beard, however, who literally played 4 quarters of basketball tonight . . . 40 minutes in which she scored 26 points. In fact, AB has been playing like the All Star Starter she should have been voted to be. (Anna DeForge? Are you kidding us???!) The BasketCases will have more to say about All Star Game voting in a subequent post. But for now, we only have two words for Donna O and the WNBA: Brandy Reed.


At 12:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Team is not doing their part to bring in the fans. Loosing will not increase attendance. I have been hearing season ticket holders around me say they won't do it again next year. We buy 4 seats and will probably drop 2 of them. Professional players should always be up for a game and shouldn't have to have someone teach them defense. NOT happy in Mystic land!!

At 7:57 AM, Anonymous Stewart said...

While it is a "joke" that Anna DeForge got the nod over Alana Beard, I guess that's what happens when you're team isn't winning, even if AB is playing all-world. I can't fault Alana, at all.

And to piggy-back on what my anonymous friend said above, I'm still seeing TOO MANY instances where the ladies are watching rebounds instead of going after them. I even saw one case where they let the ball hit the floor before even thinking of touching it. That's inexcusable.


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