Friday, November 10, 2006

Target On Their Backs. All summer, the Terps have been telling themselves (and anyone who would listen) that as the reigning National Champions, they would have a target on their backs. That every opponent was going to take their best shot at them. As Marissa Coleman said after the game, "I don't think we knew what that meant until tonight." Well, now they know. A scrappy, motivated and talented Middle Tennessee team (2006 champions of the Sun Belt Conference) gave Maryland almost more than they could handle, as the Terps eked out a road win, 80-76, in a tense and exciting contest.

Blue Raiders JUCO transfer Amber Holt, making her D-I debut, put on an impressive offensive display, leading all scorers with 28 points. Fortunately, Maryland was able to counter with double-doubles from both Marissa Coleman (19 pts/15 boards) and Crystal Langhorne (16 pts/11 boards).

The Blue Raiders were impressive off the court as well. They set a women's basketball attendance record for their arena of 10,010 loud, excited fans. Their entire marching band was in the house as well, and they also put on quite a show. It was a good night to be a Blue Raiders fan, but thanks to Maryland's come-from-behind performance in the last five minutes (when they were down by five), it was also a good night for the Terps. Just a little too close for comfort.


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