Saturday, May 19, 2007

Opening Day . . . The Buzz.

The first story on the top of this morning's Washington Post Sports Section is an excellent article by Marc Carig about the "wizardry" of Coach Richie Audubato and his legendary and ever-growing playbook.
"Upon her first glance of it, first-round draft pick Bernice Mosby thought for a moment that she had signed up for the wrong sport. 'I thought I was on the football team,' Mosby said of the playbook, which measures about three inches thick. 'And I was going to be the quarterback'."
The Post also has pictures (note:pdf) with individual stats, strengths and the "big question" for each player on the Mystics roster, plus an additional article, this one written by Kathy Orton, about the three cuts needed to reduce the team to its final roster. GM Linda Hargrove told Orton, "The last [cuts] are always the hardest to do."

And, in today's Washington Times, DeLisha Milton-Jones tells sportswriter Jon Siegel she's looking for at least 20 wins this season.

"Eighteen wins, that's nice. I am not used to having 15, 18 wins in a [34]-game season. That is ridiculous. I think everyone should come in here with the mentality of, 'That's embarrassing.' And we need to do something about it."

Photo Credit: Stewart Small


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