Sunday, May 13, 2007

We Regret To Inform You . . . that the BasketCases will not be able to provide an eyewitness report about today's exhibition game between the Mystics and Anda Ramat Hasharon. Unfortunately, the game conflicts with our niece's Bat Mitzvah. So while we are doing something Jewish, it does not involve an Israeli basketball team.

However, if anyone who is fortunate enough to see today's history-making game would like to share some observations or game reports or whatever, feel free to post some comments. Or not. Whatever. We're easy.


At 8:54 PM, Anonymous Dr. TonyL222 said...

Hope the BCs are having a great time. The team is finally at full strength - except for Nikki Blue and Alana still sidelined with injuries. Considering that the likely starting post players - Delisha, Chas, and Nakia - have only recently joined the team, they looked surprisingly good. Still lots of rust that needs to be polished up.

Mystic won 87-67. Could have been worse, but it appeared that Richy gave lots of PT to the rookies and vets trying to make the team. Laurie was on fire, hitting 8 of 9 3ptrs. You could see the Anda Ramat team shaking their heads in disbelief. Coco started off a little shakey, but played well as the game progressed. James didn't have a particularly good game today, but she seems more aggressive than last season.

Chas played only a little the entire game - probably still trying to get her body back on Eastern Daylight time. Nakia played only a little as well, but looked very sharp. Delisha was Delisha. I know many consider Alana to be the teams franchise player. However, I believe that is Delisha. She just does SOOO many things for the team. When she's out the team suffers.

Of the hopefuls trying to win a spot on the team, my opinion is that Mosby is locked in, though she didn't play particularly well today. Goring had moments, but at 6'7" should be more dominant. It really looked to me like her knees were giving her trouble, though. Vogel, wites a very nice blog, but she may have played herself out of contention. Her play today was bad - fouls, turnovers, missed shots. Rita Williams played quite a bit ot the PG today. I thought she had an impressive showing. she seemed to be in command of the team, and knew when to shoot and when to pass.

as I see it, there's really only one spot open, with xx players trying to fill it - Teena Miller, Goring, Vogel, and Williams. I guess it depends on whether Richie believes he needs another post or another guard.

If its a post, I'd keep Goring. She's had some bright moments, she's a big body, and you can't teach 6'7". She'd be hady against leams like Detroit and SASS. If it's a guard, then I'd keep Rita Williams. Honestly, I'd consider keeping Williams over Nikki Blue (but I think Blue will get a pass).

At 10:08 AM, Blogger BasketCases said...

Dr. T: thanks so much for the report! We're sorry to have missed the game.

We'll see everyone at the home opener!



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