Friday, November 17, 2006

Turtles v. Frogs. No, not a biblical plague, but the second game of a doubleheader tonight at Comcast, as Maryland takes on TCU in the first night of the three-day BTI Classic. The round robin tournament also brings Arizona (alma mater of Brenda Frese) and DC's own George Washington to Comcast. Arizona and GW will tip off at 5PM today, followed by the Terps and TCU at 7:30PM. On Saturday, TCU and GW play at 2PM, followed by Maryland and Arizona at 4:30. TCU and Arizona start play on Sunday at 1pm, and the Terps and GW close out the tourney with a matchup starting at 3:30PM. So for those who can't get enough of women's hoops, there's plenty of b-ball at Comcast this weekend!!!

The Arizona Star has a very nice article today about Brenda Frese.
(Thanks, Stever, for the link.)


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