Saturday, July 07, 2007

Better Late Than Never. After falling behind in Chicago tonight by double digits, the Mystics staged one of their almost miraculous late-game come-backs, this time pulling out a win, 77-73. (Undoubtedly, the Sky must have been tired, forgot how to play defense, and were feeling the pressure of trying to play well at home.) The Mystics, trailing by 11, took advantage of Chicago's fourth-quarter meltdown, and denied the Sky a franchise-first three wins in a row. Alana Beard led all scorers with 25; three other Mystics were also in double figures. By winning tonight, the Mystics snapped a two-game losing streak and are now 6-12. Congratulations to the Mystics on tonight's win!

Interim Head Coach Tree Rollins was missing from the bench tonight. The Sky's TV broadcasters nearly gave us a heart attack at the beginning of the game, stating only that Assistant Coach Marynell Meadors had taken over as "interim head coach" for Tree but not saying why Tree was not coaching. Unpleasant visions of a 10th coach in 10 seasons danced in our heads. There was no information on the Mystics' web site, but thanks to the famous Rebkell himself (of message board fame) and the wonders of the Internet, we learned that Tree was in New York being inducted into the African American Ethnic Sports Hall of Fame. Congratulations to Tree!

And congratulations also to former Mystic and now Sky player Chasity Melvin, who scored her 3,000th career point tonight to go along with 1,500 rebounds, making her only the 10th player in WNBA history to achieve such a remarkable record. Way to go, Chas!


At 11:14 PM, Anonymous TonyL222 said...

I'm happy for the win. But the team just looked really inept. Has the whole team gotten a case of the butter fingers? Why can't they seem to hold on to the ball?

At 9:25 AM, Anonymous Stewart said...

Actually, the announcers -- who I must say were REALLY bad! I love Nikki McCray, but she and her partner left a LOT to be desired -- mentioned just before the second half where Tree Rollins was. Having said that, I do find it odd that they said he was missing without offering an explanation. Guess they didn't think it was that important.

You know the BasketCases are frustrated when you read such sentences as "the Sky must have been tired, forgot how to play defense, and were feeling the pressure of trying to play well at home." Wow! Has the hate gone out of our marriage? See you Tuesday as we put our one-game winning streak on the line.

At 5:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's my question. Are we going to try get the fourth seed so we'll have road-court advantage?

At 9:17 AM, Anonymous C&OSpence said...

The male Sky announcer congratulated Chastity after the scored point # 3,000 by saying she'd become "the newest member of an elite fraternity." Maybe "sorority" would have sounded weird, but "sisterhood" would have been much more appropriate.

Teasley (whom I've bashed with some regularity) had a pretty nice game. In fact it may have been her best all-around game since June 23, the last time the Mystics played in Chitown.

At 9:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No surprise on the lack of info re Tree's absence, as the Mystics web site really sucks. There is basically NO current news and info on it, and never has been.

Maybe the Basketcases need to take over!


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