Friday, November 17, 2006

Coaching 101: Never open your season on the road against the reigning National Champions (who are returning all of their starters). Because when you do, it might just be, as it was tonight for TCU, that the last time you are not behind in the game is the opening tip off. The Terps started the game with a 16-0 run, and never looked back. The final score of 82-64 doesn't convey how lopsided this contest really was. Laura Harper had a career high of 27 points --- in only 24 minutes --- Crystal Langhorne recorded another double-double (11 and 11) --- in 21 minutes --- and Kristi Toliver dished out 10 assists --- in her 18 minutes of play.

With Arizona tomorrow (on less than 24 hours' rest) and #25-ranked GW on Sunday afternoon, clearly the Terps' emphasis tonight was to win without wearing out the starters. The starter who played the fewest minutes (eight) was Marissa Coleman, who hit the floor hard (in obvious pain) early in the first half and did not return to the game. The good news is that she walked off the court under her own power and was on the bench for the remainder of the game (albeit with ice pack).

Photo Credit: DC BasketCases (the last time TCU was not behind)

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Saturday Morning Update: Memo to the Washington Post: There were two local teams playing games at Comcast last night, both nationally ranked --- GW and, oh yes, the #1 ranked-reigning National Champions (we repeat: the reigning National Champions). But could you be bothered sending a reporter? The Baltimore Sun sent Milton Kent, who reports that Marissa Coleman suffered a bruised tailbone and is day-to-day.


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