Monday, November 20, 2006

In Sunday Morning's Update the BasketCases wondered if the reason for the Washington Post's lack of a byline article about Saturday's MD-Arizona game was because Washington Post Staff Writer Sportswriter Kathy Orton's dog ate her homework. A thorough investigation by the BasketCases (OK, we bumped into Kathy at the MD-GW game yesterday and asked her) reveals that actually Kathy did file a story about the game --- for a news service --- and that she is NOT a Washington Post Staff Writer, despite the fact that the Washington Post identified her as such in a previous article she wrote for them as a Special (i.e., freelance) reporter. So, it wasn't Kathy's dog that should be blamed. Perhaps the WP Sports Editor's dog ate his directory of staff reporters . . . and he simply forgot that Kathy doesn't work for him.


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