Saturday, November 18, 2006

Picking up where they left off last night. . the Terps came out this afternoon on the second day of the BTI Classic and raced to a 31-5 lead over Arizona, with about ten minutes left in the first half. Although the Wildcats eventually closed some of the gap thanks to another second half by Maryland that did not live up to the first, the Terps won, 75-61. Every Maryland player scored, four in double figures. After Marissa Coleman's hard fall last night, the BasketCases were heartened to see her run onto the floor with the team for warmups today, and even happier that she was able to play. She came off the bench, playing a total of 23 minutes.

The Terps take on GW tomorrow at 3:30PM. Although GW, like Maryland, is undefeated in the tourney, they've struggled in both games, narrowly escaping with wins against Arizona and TCU. Still, GW is the Terps' first ranked opponent of the season, and should give them their biggest test of the weekend. According to Laura Harper,"It [GW] is a huge game. We're not satisfied with the way we've been playing for two games, so [Sunday] will be really big, proving something for us. We're playing three games in three days, so we're trying to see how we can fight through fatigue."

Photo Credit: DC BasketCases (BasketCases in training)

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Sunday Morning Update: What's Up, Washington Post? The BasketCases clearly spotted Washington Post sports writer Kathy Orton in the media section at yesterday's Maryland game, yet the Post's story today, in both our print edition and the on-line version, is compiled from news services. Kathy, did the dog eat your homework? Milton Kent of the Baltimore Sun was not only at the game, but he also wrote about it.


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